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Holiday Promotion

Like every year before Christmas, we are discounting our Premium subscription plans - this time as much as up to 30%. The promotion ends on December, 31.

You can find the available features comparison on our  pricing page.

Subscription plan Price Savings
PREMIUM subscription 30 days 
Holiday Promotion
29 PLN

  23 PLN

PREMIUM subscription 90 days 
Holiday Promotion
78 PLN

  59 PLN

19 PLN
PREMIUM subscription 180 days 
Holiday Promotion
138 PLN

  97 PLN

41 PLN
All prices are given in Polish zlotys (1 PLN = 0.2572 USD *).

When the promotion ends, the prices will be reverted back to their defaults.

The detailed description of our application can be found on the Help page. Let us remind you that registering a new account doesn't require a credit card, and we give you 15 days of full access entirely for free.

We wish you all the best in the coming year 2019. Merry Christmas!

*) PayPal exchange rate as of 2018-12-07. Please note the price in your local currency may differ, the exchange rates change every day, and the final settled amount may depend on the payment method.

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