Price chart patterns statistics for the time period from 4/1/2021 to 3/31/2024


  • These statistics apply only to price patterns automatically detected by ATmatix for the Warsaw Stock Exchange market.
  • Pattern statistics apply to historical data and there is no guarantee of achieving the same outcome in the future.
  • Statistics are calculated separately for WSE indices/futures and WSE-listed stocks.
  • Upward/downward breakout percentage ratios may not add up to 100% (due to numerical roundings or lack of breakouts within the expected time period).
  • Pattern statistics are subject to change without notice after chart pattern detection algorithm improvements or any parameter modification.
  • Statistical targets after a pattern breakout are calculated based on the historical average of post-breakout move ranges, which are not included in this table.
  • The table below contains averaged values and excludes breakout volume, volume trend, (trendline) slope, yearly price range position or other pattern characteristics – that information is used additionally by our algorithms to calculate breakout targets; it is also shown in every pattern details.
Group Pattern type % of upward breakouts % of downward breakouts Up brk. efficiency (percentage meeting price target) Down brk. efficiency (percentage meeting price target) Throwback rate Pullback rate Break even failure rate for upward brk. Break even failure rate for downward brk.
WSE Indices Ascending broadening triangle
WSE Indices Ascending broadening wedge
WSE Indices Ascending channel
WSE Indices Ascending triangle
WSE Indices Broadening (inverted) triangle
WSE Indices Descending broadening triangle
WSE Indices Descending broadening wedge
WSE Indices Descending channel
WSE Indices Descending triangle
WSE Indices Double bottom
WSE Indices Double top
WSE Indices Downtrend line
WSE Indices Falling wedge
WSE Indices Flag
WSE Indices Flat base
WSE Indices Head & shoulders bottom
WSE Indices Head & shoulders top
WSE Indices Horizontal channel
WSE Indices Pennant
WSE Indices Resistance
WSE Indices Rising wedge
WSE Indices Support
WSE Indices Three rising valleys
WSE Indices Triangle
WSE Indices Uptrend line
WSE Indices Vertical run up
WSE Stocks Ascending broadening triangle
WSE Stocks Ascending broadening wedge
WSE Stocks Ascending channel
WSE Stocks Ascending triangle
WSE Stocks Broadening (inverted) triangle
WSE Stocks Descending broadening triangle
WSE Stocks Descending broadening wedge
WSE Stocks Descending channel
WSE Stocks Descending triangle
WSE Stocks Double bottom
WSE Stocks Double top
WSE Stocks Downtrend line
WSE Stocks Falling wedge
WSE Stocks Flag
WSE Stocks Flat base
WSE Stocks Head & shoulders bottom
WSE Stocks Head & shoulders top
WSE Stocks Horizontal channel
WSE Stocks Pennant
WSE Stocks Resistance
WSE Stocks Rising wedge
WSE Stocks Support
WSE Stocks Three rising valleys
WSE Stocks Triangle
WSE Stocks Uptrend line
WSE Stocks Vertical run up