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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is ATmatix used for?

    ATmatix automatically detects and tracks the most popular linear price chart patterns, such as double bottoms and tops, triangles, wedges, channels, flags and more, as well as trend lines and support/resistance levels.
    The full list of pattern types handled by ATmatix can be found in the Statistics tab.
    Not sure if the stock price is going to rise of decline? Use price patterns and their statistics. ATmatix will help you with it. Forget about simple candlestick patterns or naïve strategies based on the moving averages – try something more advanced that actually works and is backed with verifiable statistics.

  2. How does ATmatix work?

    ATmatix automatically finds classic technical analysis chart patterns and presents them in the form of tables and charts.
    Our analysis is based on end-of-day data and updated every day after the stock market trading session ends.

    Our algorithms determine breakout levels (support and resistance levels within a given pattern), as well as calculate the target price range of expected post-breakout price movement with their estimated probability, which is our unique feature. To keep it short, we are able to predict how high (or how low) the stock price will move after a breakout with a certain probability (determined by our statistics).

    We calculate the target range levels based on historical data statistics as well as classic measure rules. We attach the highest value of importance to analyzing the trend of the volume and the volume of a pattern breakout (very often the turnover volume on the day of the breakout signals the strength of the subsequent price movement – it is taken into account in our statistics). ATmatix informs about price closing to the level of the breakout, the breakout itself, or meeting the target price. Moreover, you will be notified about the most important pattern events, via email alerts. Breakout detection is based on end-of-day data closing prices and updated every day after the stock market trading session ends.

    Breakout target predictions are made based on such information as stock’s turnover volume on the day of the breakout, volume trend during the pattern creation, yearly price range of the stock and more. Our mathematical and statistical learning model is going to be further developed with new attributes significant to the efficiency of our predictions.

    For more information go to the Help Topics page.

  3. How much does it cost?

    Registration and PREMIUM account with the full access are completely for free for the first 15 days. Using your Account during a Trial Period doesn't involve any fees. No credit card required.
    Use this time to get to know our application and to assess its abilities.
    After the trial period your account is automatically transformed into a regular account with access to WIG20 stocks only - unless you want to subscribe and keep the full features of your PREMIUM account. The decision is up to you.
    You may renew the subscription at any time, during or after the trial period according to the current price list. It is entirely voluntary.

  4. Which chart pattern types can be found by ATmatix?

    The complete list of supported pattern types may be found in the Statistics tab.

  5. Does ATmatix detect price tops?

    Yes, we detect and track double tops and head and shoulders tops patterns.

  6. What time is the pattern scanner data updated?

    Currently, about 40 to 60 minutes after the WSE trading session ends (5:40 PM – 6:00 PM CET/CEST after each session). This is also the time we start the notifications sending.

  7. Why didn’t I get the activation/ notification email?

    First of all, please make sure if the email entered during the registration process is correct (typos happen). If there has been a mistake, we won’t be able to send you an activation message. In this case register again, this time providing the correct email address.

    Please note that some email providers may automatically move such email to spam. In this case, please change the settings of your spam filter. Some email providers may group messages in folders of different names, such as "offers".

  8. Why ATmatix does not detect candlestick patterns, such as hammer or evening star?

    Candlestick patterns are very simple. We focus on the unique feature to detect more advanced patterns (price chart patterns, linear patterns) that provide additional information on the expected direction and range of breakouts, break even failures, pullbacks/throwbacks and whose efficiency is verifiable with statistics. Candlestick patterns very often do not provide any additional information about the potential range of price movement after breakout.

  9. Why ATmatix does not provide technical analysis indicators such as RSI, MACD?

    The moving averages or other indicators may be found in almost every technical analysis application and dozens of web portals. We focus on a unique feature that has been verified and allows us to predict price patterns breakout chances along with their post-breakout target ranges and to estimate their probabilities. Naive strategies based on simple indicators very often are not able to do so, but they may of course be an additional helpful tool to determine when to buy or sell stocks.
    However, we don't exclude using such indicators in the future as supplementary information to evaluate the quality of the signals based on price pattern occurrences, if they are able to improve the effectiveness of our predictions - which of course requires careful verification of their statistical usefulness and significance.

  10. Why does ATmatix signal downward breakouts for pattern bottoms or upward breakouts for pattern tops?

    The classic technical analysis does not care about this kind of breakouts. According to the classic TA, these patterns are considered as negated or invalid, or in the worst case as nonexistent.
    However, our pattern statistics allow us to estimate the range of this kind of breakouts, based on the historical data, even if the technical analysis doesn't have a suitable measure rule. Therefore, it would be awkward if we didn't offer such feature, because from the technical point of view, there is no difference in estimating the statistical target for any pattern type in either breakout direction. What is more, it allows us to collect reliable statistics for pattern confirmations and invalidations (i.e. to answer a question what breakout direction you should expect for the specific pattern type under certain conditions, regardless of it is a top, bottom or other pattern type).

Pricing and features

The current price list for PREMIUM subscription plans can be found below. All prices are given in PLN. Please note the prices in your local currency may differ due to varying exchange rates.

Remember that registering the new account you are given PREMIUM access for 15 days for free and without any commitment. During this trial period you are able to get to know the ATmatix features without incurring any risk and costs. If you decide to renew your PREMIUM account subscription, the current subscription fees apply. If you don’t decide to subscribe, your PREMIUM account will be automatically transformed into regular account after 15 days. The decision is up to you.
Subscription plans (for different validity periods) Price Additional bonuses
PREMIUM subscription 30 days

29 PLN

PREMIUM subscription 90 days

78 PLN

Money saving
PREMIUM subscription 180 days

138 PLN

Money saving
36 PLN

Feature comparison of regular and PREMIUM accounts can be found below:

Public (anonymous) access Registered users (account required) PREMIUM users (account and subscription required)
Chart pattern data for selected WIG20 stocks and selected WSE WIG indices
Favorite stocks list (Watch List)
Pattern data for the rest of the main market stocks, all WIG indices (including sector indices) and FW20 futures
Breakout, efficiency, pullbacks/throwbacks and break even failures statistics for price chart patterns
Email notifications
Volume analysis
Liquidity analysis
Yearly price range analysis
No ads

Price chart patterns statistics for the time period from 2015-07-01 to 2018-06-30


  • Statistics apply only to price patterns automatically detected by ATmatix on the Warsaw Stock Exchange market.
  • Pattern statistics apply to historical data and there is no guarantee of achieving the same outcome in the future.
  • Statistics are calculated separately for WSE indices/futures and WSE-listed stocks.
  • Upward/downward breakout percentage statistics may not add up to 100% (due to numerical roundings or lack of breakouts within the expected time period).
  • Pattern statistics are subject to change without notice after chart pattern detection algorithm improvements or any parameter modification.
  • Statistical target range after the pattern breakout are calculated based on historical average post-breakout move ranges, which are not included in the table below.
  • The table below contains average values, excluding breakout volume, volume trend, (trendline) slope, yearly price range or other pattern characteristics – this information is used by our algorithms to calculate breakout targets; it is also presented in every pattern details.
Group Pattern type % of upward breakouts % of downward breakouts Up brk. efficiency (percentage meeting price target) Down brk. efficiency (percentage meeting price target) Throwback rate Pullback rate Break even failure rate for upward brk. Break even failure rate for downward brk.
WSE Indices Ascending broadening triangle
WSE Indices Ascending broadening wedge
WSE Indices Ascending channel
WSE Indices Ascending triangle
WSE Indices Broadening (inverted) triangle
WSE Indices Descending broadening triangle
WSE Indices Descending broadening wedge
WSE Indices Descending channel
WSE Indices Descending triangle
WSE Indices Double bottom
WSE Indices Double top
WSE Indices Downtrend
WSE Indices Falling wedge
WSE Indices Flag
WSE Indices Flat base
WSE Indices Head & shoulders bottom
WSE Indices Head & shoulders top
WSE Indices Horizontal channel
WSE Indices Pennant
WSE Indices Resistance
WSE Indices Rising wedge
WSE Indices Support
WSE Indices Three rising valleys
WSE Indices Triangle
WSE Indices Uptrend
WSE Indices Vertical run up
WSE Stocks Ascending broadening triangle
WSE Stocks Ascending broadening wedge
WSE Stocks Ascending channel
WSE Stocks Ascending triangle
WSE Stocks Broadening (inverted) triangle
WSE Stocks Descending broadening triangle
WSE Stocks Descending broadening wedge
WSE Stocks Descending channel
WSE Stocks Descending triangle
WSE Stocks Double bottom
WSE Stocks Double top
WSE Stocks Downtrend
WSE Stocks Falling wedge
WSE Stocks Flag
WSE Stocks Flat base
WSE Stocks Head & shoulders bottom
WSE Stocks Head & shoulders top
WSE Stocks Horizontal channel
WSE Stocks Pennant
WSE Stocks Resistance
WSE Stocks Rising wedge
WSE Stocks Support
WSE Stocks Three rising valleys
WSE Stocks Triangle
WSE Stocks Uptrend
WSE Stocks Vertical run up

ATMATIX Terms of Service

Effective date: May 25, 2018.

(Click here to view the previous version of these Terms, effective until May 24, 2018.)

  1. Definitions

    1. Service – Internet application and web pages, available at and domains.
    2. User – any person using or visiting the Service.
    3. Anonymous User / Visitor – a User without a Registered Account.
    4. Registered User – a User with an own personal Account registered in the Service.
    5. Account – set of information attached to a one, specific Registered User (User’s profile) that allows to identify a User and personalize the content of the Service, as well as to make Subscription Payments for using the Service.
    6. Premium Account – an Account that let Registered Users access additional Premium content and services that are not available for all the Users.
    7. Subscription – periodic fee paid by Registered Users to the Service Operator to gain access to a Premium Account.
    8. Trial Period – time given for the User to test the Premium Account free of charge.
    9. Service Operator – the owner and administrator of the Service – PK-SYSTEMS Piotr Kuciapski, Traugutta 26/22, 99-320 Żychlin, Poland, EU VAT number: PL7752346762.
    10. Terms of Service – this Document.
    11. Promotion – special conditions concerning registering Accounts, Subscription payments or other conditions of using the Service, which rules are specified in this Document or in other separate documents available in the Service.
    12. Personal Data - information related to a User, allowing to clearly identify a natural person.
    13. Payment Operator – external entity responsible for the processing of Subscription online payments. Payment Operators are:
    14. Advertisement Operator – external entity (or entities) managing and serving advertisements on the advertising space within the Service that is provided by the Service Operator.
  2. General conditions

    1. These Terms of Service apply to all Users of the Service, including Anonymous Users.
    2. Access to the public content of the Service is free of charge and requires no Account registration.
    3. Each User may have at most one Account in the Service in order to provide Service content personalization.
    4. Access to additional content of the Service requires Account registration and Subscription payment in order to activate Premium Account, unless the conditions of any Promotion state otherwise.
    5. Using the Service, its content and services is permitted only for private and non-profit purposes.
    6. User is required to use the Service in a manner consistent and in accordance with applicable laws, is obliged to act in good faith, respecting intellectual property rights, rules of social coexistence and good morals.
    7. The Service Operator reserves the right to completely discontinue the Service without explanation after informing Users via email or information in the Service web pages, in advance for at least 31 days.
  3. User’s Account

    1. An Account may be set up by the Service User through completing and submitting the registration form.
    2. The Account is linked to one particular Registered User and may only be used by this User. It is forbidden to share the Account with third parties. The User may have at most one account in the Service.
    3. Account data may be modified and altered by the Registered User owning the Account or deleted at the request of that User by sending an email to the Service Operator, as described in the Privacy Policy.
    4. In order to register the Account, the User's email address is required. The Account ID is the email address of the User. By registering an Account, the User acknowledges owning the provided email address and agrees to receive messages sent to the given email address, related to the registration process, account management (including payments processing), notification support and any other information related to the Service Account. Email address is not shared with third parties, except the Payment Operator, solely for the purpose of processing the User’s payments, as described in the Privacy Policy
    5. In order to register a Premium Account, User data is needed to make payment for the Subscription. This data serves only for payment purposes and bills issuing. User agrees to transfer this data directly to the Payment Operator to make payment for the Subscription and use it to optionally generate a bill.
    6. The User is obliged to take utmost care to prevent unauthorized access to their Account.
    7. The Operator may block and delete a User's Account if it detects breach of any of the Terms of Service.
  4. Privacy Policy

    1. Personal Data.
      • The Service Operator is a Personal Data Controller in the meaning of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
      • The detailed terms of collecting and processing Personal Data and other information are given in the Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of these Terms of Service. Agreeing to these Terms means accepting the Privacy Policy at the same time.
    2. Cookies policy.
    3. Advertising.
      • The Service Operator reserves the right to share advertisement space with the Advertisement Operators to display ads in the Service.
      • The Service Operator is not responsible for the content of any advertisements or for the content of the external web pages to which they are pointing/redirecting.
      • Advertisements are only displayed to not logged-in Users, Anonymous Visitors or Users without an active Premium Subscription.
      • The detailed terms of privacy in the context of advertising are given in the Privacy Policy.
  5. Content provided in the Service

    1. The Service Operator does not guarantee continuity of access to the Service, does not provide any uptime or connectivity guarantees and make no warranty as to the Service availability at any time. Users don’t have a right to claim any refund or other compensation in case of the Service unavailability or downtime.
    2. The pattern data presented in the Service is generated automatically by computer algorithms and is not created manually by humans.
    3. The Service Operator and the Service are not responsible for the lack of completeness and possible errors in data provided by third parties, used to automatically generate data and content of the Service.
    4. The Service Operator will make its best effort to ensure that content generated within the Service and presented on the Service is complete and free of errors, but this is not guaranteed by the Service. The Service and the Service Operator make no warranty as to the completeness or accuracy of the information. The Service may contain inaccuracies, typographical or other errors, so it is User’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of any content before relying on it.
    5. The algorithms used to generate the content of the Website are not publicly accessible and are designed, implemented and copyrighted by the Service Operator.
    6. Algorithms are used to detect so-called technical analysis patterns and to present them in the form of charts, to detect events like downward/upward breakouts or reaching the predicted price targets. These algorithms are based on the assumptions and knowledge acquired from various sources on technical analysis that are publically available. Neither is technical analysis science, nor are its assumptions and theories formalized in any way. As a result, the performance of these algorithms is not subjected to methodological verification, they may not fully reflect User’s expectations or views on how they should operate or present their results. They also may be incomplete, outdated or signaled out of order, too early or too late, if at all, or include so-called false positives. Both Service Operator and the Service itself are not to be held responsible for any decisions made by the User on the basis of data or content presented by the Service.
    7. The Service Operator reserves the right to correct, optimize and modify the Algorithms and their parameters, used to generate Service’s content, at any time without notice.
    8. The aforementioned Algorithms are used for:
      • Automatic detection of occurrences of so-called technical analysis chart patterns
      • Presentation of the patterns in the form of graphic charts
      • Detecting and signaling pattern events, e.g. downward/upward breakouts.
      • Calculating statistical price target range after the pattern breakout, based on historical data and the measure rules of technical analysis patterns.
    9. The automatic analysis includes:
      • Selected stocks and indices listed on the main market on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE),
      • FW20 futures.
      The Service Operator reserves the right to modify this list at any time.
    10. The automatic analysis may exclude companies and other low liquidity instruments and stocks or low-value assets, as the performance of the fore mentioned Algorithms for such instruments may be limited.
    11. The scope of data accessible for Anonymous Users and Users without an active Premium Account presented in the Service is limited to:
      • Selected WIG20-index listed stocks,
      • Selected WIG indices.
      The Service Operator reserves the right to modify this list at any time.
  6. Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability

    1. The content of the Service is strictly informative and educational. The content presented in the Service neither in whole, nor in part does not constitute a recommendation or investment advice within the meaning of Polish Minister of Finance’s ordinance of 2005, regarding Information Being Recommendations Concerning Financial Instruments and Its Issuers. The content of the Service do not meet the requirements set out in the recommendations within the meaning of the aforementioned Act, among others do not include any specific valuation of any financial instrument, do not rely on any valuation method and do not specify the investment risk.
    2. The Service Operator and the Service do not hold responsibility for any investment or trading decisions and their consequences that would be based on data or content presented within the Service. All the data and the content are not intended as investment advice, or recommendation.
    3. Each User alone is responsible for their investment decisions. Each User assume all responsibility and risk when accessing and using the Service. In no event shall the Service Operator or the Service be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever, including but not limited to loss of use, data, capital, funds, profits, or any and all other possible damages - even if the Service or the Service Operator has been advised of the possibility of such damages resulting from the access or use of the Service - without regard to the form of any action, including but not limited to contract, negligence, or other tortuous actions, arising out of or in connection with the use, access, copying, or displaying of content resulting from access to or use of the Service, under contract, tort or any other cause of action or legal theory.
    4. Access to the Service is provided on an "as is" basis, without any warranty, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of title, non-infringement or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. No advice or information given by the Service or the Service Operator shall create any warranty.
  7. Copyright

    1. Unless noted otherwise, all information on this website is copyright by the Service Operator. All rights reserved. Redistribution of any content, including charts, web pages, numerical and text data and other media presented by the Service is prohibited without the written consent of the Service Operator.
    2. It is permissible to provide direct links to the Service pages on the condition of providing information about the origin of the content.
    3. All trademarks and trade names used in the Service are the property of their respective owners and are used for informational purposes only.
  8. Premium Account

    1. Premium Account Users have access to additional content, data and features not available for all Users, as described above.
    2. Premium Account Users may receive email notifications of events: new patterns detection, breakouts and reaching the price target. This feature is only available to Premium Account Users. The User can enable or disable notifications in their Account settings at any time. The Service does not guarantee the delivery of notifications or provide any notification delivery schedule. Failure to receive notifications may result from technical limitations, User’s email account settings, spam filters, restrictions or security policies of User’s email service provider, or other limitations for which neither the Service Operator nor the Service is responsible.
    3. Premium Account may be used only by adults who have provided the data necessary to complete the payment process for the Subscription and the optional issuing of the bill, unless the applicable Promotions do not require such data. The User declares that the given data is authentic and contains no errors, authorizes the Service Operator to issue bills without a signature and agrees to deliver them to the User electronically. It is not possible to change data on bills already issued.
    4. Premium Account is set up (activated) within the regular Account after making payment by a Registered User and confirming the reception of the Subscription payment by the Service Operator or using the Trial Period Promotion referred to in the Regulations. Setting up the paid Premium Account means signing a fixed-term Agreement for the use of the additional content and features of the Service. This Agreement is concluded for the time from the day following the date of expiry of the current validity of the Premium Account, but not earlier than the day of booking the payment in the Service, to the day the new Premium Account period expires.
    5. Premium account has a Validity Period and until that date additional content and features may be accessed by the User.
    6. The validity of the Premium Account expires automatically on the validity date and it becomes a regular Account without access to the additional content of the Service, unless no later than that date the User has extended the Validity Period by paying the Subscription fee for the next period. The expiration of the Premium Account without renewing it is equivalent to the expiration of the Agreement referred to above.
    7. The resignation from the Premium Account does not constitute a total removal of the Account in the Service, but only with the termination of the Premium Account validity period and termination of the Agreement.
    8. The Service Operator provides the User with free Trial Period Promotion for Premium Accounts. After the registration of the new Account, it automatically becomes a Premium Account with a fixed validity period from the date of the Account’s registration, according to the current terms of this Promotion.
      The Service Operator reserves the right to change the terms of this Promotion or to introduce other promotions, the terms of which will be set out in these Terms of Service or in separate documents available in the Service web pages. Within the Promotional Premium Account period (called the Trial Period), the User may evaluate the usefulness of the Service without incurring any subscription fees.
    9. Registering the new Account or renewal of the Premium Account (activation) through Account registration or Subscription payment means the User resigns from the right to withdraw from the Agreement and agrees the service to be provisioned (i.e. delivering digital content) immediately before the expiration of the withdrawal period.
    10. The expiration of the Premium Account Premium validity period (the Trial Period) without paying the Subscription fee for the next period means automatically converting the Premium Account to a regular Account.
    11. Termination of the Premium Account Agreement is possible at any time after the payment to the Service Operator for the Premium Account activation/renewal, not later than the last day of the Agreement and the Premium Account Validity Period for which the payment was made.
      Upon termination, the Premium Account User will receive a refund of the Subscription, if such payment was previously made to the Service Operator, in proportion to the number of days of the unused subscription period (i.e. the number of days of the Agreement remaining from the date of the termination of the Agreement, but not earlier than the first day of the Agreement, until the end of the Agreement, i.e. until the end of the Premium Account validity period). The amount of reimbursement of unused subscription cannot be higher than the amount of payment for this Subscription, made by the User.
      The payment will be refunded via the same payment channel through which payment has been made. The refund will be executed in PLN currency. The amount refunded to the User in their local currency may be different due to currency exchange rates or any additional fees incurred by the Payment Operator or any other third party processing the refund, which is out of control by the Service or the Service Operator.
    12. Resignation is equivalent to the termination of the Premium Account validity period and termination of the Agreement on the day the Service Operator receives the request for termination of the Agreement. Resignation of a Premium Account takes place by sending a request in the form of an email to the Service Operator with a request to terminate the Agreement.
    13. Current pricelist is being presented in the Service and applies to all the Users who make payments to the Service Operator. The service Operator reserves the right to change the pricelist without notice.
      All fees are given in PLN and all payments are executed in PLN currency (polish zloty), therefore the total amount paid by the User in their local currency may vary due to currency exchange rates. The Service and the Service Operator are not responsible for these rates and for incurring any additional fees by the Payment Operator or any other third party processing the payment.
    14. Requesting the removal of the Account by a Registered User, if it is a Premium Account, shall be treated as a termination of the aforementioned Agreement, in accordance with the terms described in these Terms of Service.
    15. Trial Period may be used only once per User.
    16. Registering multiple accounts by the User for the multiple use of the Trial Period and/or avoidance of any subscription fees associated with using the Service is strictly prohibited and shall be treated as a violation of the Terms of Service.
  9. Technical requirements

    1. Using the Service requires one of the following web browsers (with JavaScript and cookies enabled): Mozilla Firefox 35.0 (or higher), Chrome 40.0 (or higher), Opera 27.0 (or newer) or any other browser fully compatible with the above.
  10. Final provisions

    1. The Service Operator reserves the right to amend these Terms of Service. Registered Users will be notified of the amendments via email. All other Users will be notified by a notice posted in the Service web pages.
    2. These Terms of Service will be governed by and construed in accordance with Polish law, and any disputes relating to these Terms of Service will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Poland.
    3. User that entered an Agreement with Operator in accordance with these Terms of Service, has the option to resolve disputes or claims arising out of or in relation to this Agreement, by the alternative dispute resolution body, which is Mazowiecki Wojewódzki Inspektor Inspekcji Handlowej in Warsaw, Poland ( The EU Commission provides an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform for the out-of-court resolution of disputes concerning contractual obligations with consumers (as defined in Article 4 of EU Directive No 11/2013). You can find the link to this platform here:​consumers/odr/.

Last update date: April 6, 2018.
  • supplemented the definitions list
  • refined the terms related to the Personal Data processing, usage of cookies and advertisements
  • modified the scope of the stock data being analyzed
Change your privacy settings

ATMATIX Privacy Policy

Effective date: May 25, 2018.

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the ATmatix Terms of Service and by agreeing to these Terms, you accept this Privacy Policy at the same time. Capitalized terms have their meaning given in our Terms of Service.

  1. Information we collect.

    1. Personal Data.
    2. We collect personally identifiable information about a User, such as email address, during the Account registration. Such data is necessary to identify our Users and provide them our personalized services and content. This data is not necessary and is not collected when you browse our Service pages anonymously as a Visitor.

      If you choose to purchase a Premium Account Subscription, we and our third-party Payment Operators will collect and store your payment information, such as your full name, email address and an optional postal address, when necessary – solely for your payment processing, invoicing and accounting/taxation purposes.

      Whenever you use the ATmatix Service we may receive additional information about you and your device/browser as described below. If you register, we may also send you email notifications about the pattern events we detect, promotional or informational emails, and messages related to your Account support or customer service.

    3. Cookies and other tracking tools.
    4. Technologies such as cookies, tags, scripts, clear gifs and beacons are or may be used by ATmatix and our third party partners (such as Payments Operators, Advertising Operators and analytics services). These technologies may be used to personalize the content of our Service, improve the safety and security of our Service, for usage analysis, in administering the Service, tracking Users’ and Visitors’ activities in our Service web pages and to gather demographic information about our Users and anonymous Visitors.

      We use cookies to remember Users’ sessions (for authentication and authorization purposes) and selected language, as well as for our Service anonymous usage analytics and third party advertisements. Our partners may also use such technologies to deliver advertisements to you as described below.

      Users can control the usage of cookies at the individual browser level. If you reject cookies from ATmatix domains, you may still use our Service as an Anonymous User, but your ability to use some personalized features and paid content may be disabled due to our inability to identify you.

    5. Server log information.
    6. Log file information is automatically reported by your browser or mobile device each time you access our Service web pages. Our servers automatically record certain information that your web browser sends whenever you visit any page belonging to our Service. These logs may include information such as your browser type, operating system, referring pages and URLs, number of clicks, domain names, pages viewed, IP address or your mobile device identifier and other such information.

    7. Data retention.
    8. We will retain information, including the Personal Data we process for as long as needed to provide our services and to comply with our legal obligations (such as accounting records retention, according to the Polish taxation law), resolve disputes and enforce agreements.

    9. Data access rights and choices.
    10. An individual who is a current or former ATmatix User and who seeks to access or wishes to correct, amend or delete their Personal Data should send their request by email to In case you withdraw from a consent given for processing of your Personal Data, we will cease to process that data and delete your User Account, unless and to the extent the continued processing is permitted or required according to the applicable Personal Data regulation or other applicable laws and regulations. The withdrawal of your consent will in no event effect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

      We also give our registered Users the ability to access or modify some of their information online at any time, such as password, language preferences and consents for email communication or personalized ads, in their Account settings page. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us, you may also opt out of them by using links included in these emails or by canceling your Account completely by sending us your request to our email address given above.

  2. How we process your information.

    1. We use the information we collect to operate and maintain our Service, send you notification emails informing you about events detected by our pattern detection algorithms, send you marketing communications, messages related to your Account and respond to your questions, concerns and complaints.

    2. Only if you subscribe to our paid services, we use your Personal Data for payment processing and accounting/taxation purposes, as stated above.

    3. We use anonymous non-personally identifiable aggregate data of our Service usage to analyze our site traffic and to gather information about our Visitors/Users base.

  3. How we share your information.

    1. Personally identifiable Information.
    2. We work with third party service providers who provide website hosting, maintenance and other services such as payment processing and accounting/taxation. These third parties may have access to, or process your Personal Data as part of providing those services for us, or on our behalf. We limit the information provided to these service providers to that which is reasonably necessary for them to perform their functions, and our contracts require them to maintain the confidentiality of such information.

      We choose only those hosting and other service providers that comply with The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your privacy and data.

    3. Non-personally identifiable information.
    4. We may store and process non-personally identifiable information (such as anonymous usage data, referring pages and URLs, browser and operating system types, number of clicks etc.) with third party applications. We use Google Analytics to measure and evaluate access to and traffic on our web pages so that we can optimize our environment. Google operates independently from us and has its own privacy policy:​analytics/answer/6004245

      We take measures to protect the technical information collected by our use of Google Analytics. The data collected will be used on a need to know basis to resolve technical issues, administer the Service and learn visitor preferences. This data is anonymous and stored in non-identifiable form. We do not use any of this information to identify Visitors or Users. We don''t share your user ID nor IP address with Google Analytics.
      If you want to opt-out of analytics tracking, use the browser add-on available here:​dlpage/gaoptout

    5. Instances where we are required to share your Information.
    6. We may share personal information as required by law or legal process, such as responding to a duly authorized and lawful request of a police or public authority (including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements), to enforce or protect the rights of our Service and Operator, when such disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent physical harm or financial loss as permitted by applicable law, or in connection with an investigation of suspected or actual illegal activity.

    7. Behavioral targeting / re-targeting / remarketing.
    8. We use third party applications, such as Google AdSense and AdWords and other trusted partners (find the list below), to display advertising on our web pages and manage our advertising on other sites. Our third party partners may use technologies such as cookies or similar means to gather information about your activities on our web pages in order to provide you advertising based upon your browsing activities and interests.
      Visitors can opt-in for personalized ads (or disallow them) on the first visit in our Service. Registered Users can manage consents in their Account settings page.
      Trusted partners list:

      If you want to learn how to opt-out of personalized ads also in other sites, please visit this page:​ads/answer/2662922

      The only way to completely opt out of the collection of any information through cookies is to actively manage the settings on your browser or mobile device. Please refer to your browser’s or mobile device’s technical information for instructions on how to delete and disable cookies, and other tracking tools (to learn more about cookies and related technologies, you may wish to visit or the Network Advertising Initiative’s online resources at

    9. What happens in the event of an ownership change.
    10. The Service Operator may share personal information in the context of a business transaction involving part or all of ATmatix Service, such as a merger, acquisition, consolidation, or divestiture. Such a transaction may involve the disclosure of personal information to prospective or actual purchasers, or the receipt of it from sellers.

  4. How we protect your information.

    We use a third party Payment Operators to bill you if you purchase our services, as described in our Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy.

    Our Service web pages and our Payment Operators use the Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security protocol to protect all the sensitive information you send over the internet, such as email, password or other personal or payment data.

    ATmatix also follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the information once we receive and store it. However, no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure. We cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us or store on the Service. We also cannot guarantee that such information may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by breach of any of our physical, technical, or managerial safeguards. If you believe your Personal Data has been compromised, please contact us.
  5. Storage and processing.

    Your information collected by our Service may be processed in the European Economic Area (EEA) countries or in the United States, where ATmatix service providers maintain facilities. ATmatix may transfer information that we collect about you, including personal information to those providers across borders and from your country or jurisdiction to other countries or jurisdictions as stated above, which (according to the EU Commission) might not be ensuring an adequate level of protection of Personal Data. By accessing our Service websites, registering for an account or service, or otherwise providing us with your personal information, you consent to this transfer of your personal information.

    Our service providers that act as processors of your data on our behalf, comply with The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and participate in the EU-US Privacy Shield program. We require them to provide sufficient guarantees to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures in such a manner, that processing will meet the requirements of the applicable data protection regulation and ensure the protection of your rights as a data subject. Our data processing contracts contain the appropriate EU Model Contract Clauses when necessary.
  6. Compromise of personal Information.

    If we learn of a security systems breach, we will promptly inform you and the appropriate supervisory authority of the occurrence of the breach in accordance with applicable law.
  7. Links to other web sites.

    Our Service web pages may contain links to other websites. ATmatix Operator does not control and is not responsible for their content and for the information collected by websites that can be reached through links from our websites. If you have questions about the data collection procedures of linked websites, please contact the organizations that operate those websites directly.
  8. Social media.

    Our Service may include social media features, such as the Facebook Like button, Google Plus button, Disqus blog comment system and other widgets that run on our website. These features may collect your data such as IP address and which page you are visiting in our Service, and may set a cookie to enable these features to function properly. Social media features and widgets are either hosted by a third party or hosted directly on our web pages. Your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy policy of the organization providing it.

    If you own a personal account in these third party applications and you do not wish to be tracked by them, please log out from your Facebook, Google and Disqus accounts before visiting our Service pages.

    Please remember that any information that you voluntarily choose to include in a public area of the Service, such as our Blog posts comments, or our external Facebook or Google+ pages, will be available to any visitor or User who has access to that content. If you remove information that you have made public on web pages, copies may remain viewable in cached and archived pages in some search engines, or if other users have copied or saved that information. Our Blog comments system, Facebook and Google+ pages are managed by a third party applications that may require you to register an account (other than an ATmatix Account) to post a comment or perform other activities on that pages that may involve storing your personal information by these third parties.

  9. How to contact us.

    If you have any questions about ATmatix privacy practices, use of your Personal Data, or your consent choices, please feel free to contact us by email at

Last update date: May 25, 2018.

Promotions and special offers

  1. Holiday Promotion 2017/18

    1. From December 6, 2017 to January 6, 2018, promotional PREMIUM subscription prices are available for all registered Users:
      • 30 days PREMIUM subscription - promotional price 21.00 PLN gross
      • 90 days PREMIUM subscription - promotional price 51.00 PLN gross
      • 180 days PREMIUM subscription - promotional price 84.00 PLN gross
      After that period, the prices will be reverted back to the defaults:
      • 30 days PREMIUM subscription - price 29.00 PLN gross
      • 90 days PREMIUM subscription - price 78.00 PLN gross
      • 180 days PREMIUM subscription - price 138.00 PLN gross

Last update date: 2017-12-01.