What is ATmatix?

If you are trading stocks, you can leverage Technical Analysis to determine the exact moment of purchase or disposal of shares, or other financial instruments. ATmatix will make it easy for you - it automatically detects and tracks the most popular chart patterns for the Warsaw Stock Exchange (Poland), such as double bottoms and tops, triangles, wedges, channels, flags, pennants and more, as well as trend lines and levels of support and resistance. If you don't know if a stock price will rise or decline, use chart patterns and their statistics. ATmatix is the application that will help you to manage it.

CD Projekt

CD Projekt - Pennant chart pattern (profit 47%*)

CD Projekt

CD Projekt - Three rising valleys pattern (profit 38%*)

Dino Polska

Dino Polska - Invalidation of the double top pattern (profit 18%*)

* - from the breakout price to the maximum, assuming a perfect trade and excluding any transaction costs.
Blue lines on charts denote the price targets automatically set by ATmatix algorithms after a breakout.

Why is ATmatix beneficial?

  • ATmatix automatically finds classic technical analysis chart patterns and presents them in the form of tables and charts. Our analysis is based on end-of-day data and updated every day after the WSE trading session ends.
  • Our state-of-the-art algorithms determine breakout levels (support and resistance levels within a given pattern), as well as calculate the target range of post-breakout price movement with their estimated probability, which is our unique feature. We calculate the range based on our statistics gathered from historical data as well as classic measure rules. The highest value is attached to analyzing the trend of the volume during pattern creation and the volume of pattern breakout (very often the turnover volume on the day of the breakout signals the strength of the subsequent price movement – what is very important, it is taken into account in our statistics).
  • All major price levels, as well as peaks or valleys that limit the pattern, are presented in the chart. Our methodology is overt. You will not wonder where target level comes from. Are you tired of tools whose effectiveness and performance cannot be verified? Or indicators that present you with tons of useless information? We give you the ability of assessing both the risks and the chances of success. What differs us from the rest is presenting the statistical probability of achieving price target based on the pattern breakout effectiveness in the past.
  • We will let you know when the price gets close the breakout level, inform about the breakouts (it is based on the closing prices at the end of the session), or about reaching the pre-determined target price range - we automatically send email notifications.

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What is the cost?

Currently, registering a new account gives you full access (PREMIUM account) for 15 days absolutely for FREE and without any commitment (no credit card required). The prolongation of a PREMIUM account subscription is entirely voluntary. If we don't meet your expectations, you will be able to cancel at any time. The decision is yours!

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What is included?

  • PREMIUM account gives you access to all the pattern data found for stocks, indices and FW20 futures listed on the WSE (the main market). You will gain access to historical patterns statistics, information on the volume trend during pattern creation and a breakout day volume. If you wish, you will also receive periodic email notifications of the most important events we have detected.
  • Users without PREMIUM account have only access to the data of the stocks within the WIG20 index, as well as to selected WIG indices listed on the WSE.
  • All registered users can add their favorite stock to their Watch List.

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Is that all?

We don't provide online quotes, news, information or financial reports of companies that can be found on dozens of other web pages, but we are confident that you will find here many unique features and content that no one else provides.
We do not offer tools that we don't use ourselves in our private investments (or the ones whose usefulness is questionable).
Our offer is primarily aimed at traders investing in the medium-term horizon, for whom the signals resulting from the pattern breakouts are relevant, those who accept some delay and who make decisions based on the end-of-day closing prices.

The planned development of our service assumes adding new types of price patterns, extending our statistical and predictive model with new parameters and improving the existing features, as well as developing new ones.

For more information, see the Help section, and our Blog.

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